My name is Tyson K. Walling. I am a New York City based Graphic Designer and artist, originally from Colorado. I am most passionate about the creative process and I enjoy employing it through work in various mediums such as web, print, video, traditional visual art, and music. I am open to just about anything that I can use as an artist to try to help elevate the overall human experience. I pride myself on my versatility and my do-it-yourself mentality. I am tech savvy, I am a quick study, and I love to access and work in new mediums.

In addition to being a Graphic Designer, I am an artist, and I really like my art eclectic. I am deeply inspired by music, both as a listener and a guitar player. Meditating, playing guitar, painting, and connecting with others are on the top of my list of favorite things to do. Because of my sensitive and intuitive nature, I am compelled by free thinking and the open exchange of ideas; my joy comes from taking the inspiration available to me and utilizing my talents to reflect that inspiration back to the world in meaningful ways.

I look forward to connecting with you.